Tampa, Florida

“Scheduling staff for different jobs is hectic, but Maidplan puts everything on the web! I like the graphics - it's easy to drag and drop staff from one job to another on the screen. The map interface is definitely my favorite feature. Sending people all over town is difficult to visualize in your head, but Maidplan's Map Planner makes this easy! The Map Planner cuts down on driving time for employees and saves the company money in gas and mileage.”

Jacksonville, Florida

“I like keeping everything in one place - on the web. That way I can get to it from home, one the road, or anywhere. And there's no need for backups since everything is stored in the cloud. Maiplan will make your residential cleaning operation more organized than it ever was before. Being organized helps acquire more customers and keep them!”

Boston, Massachusetts

“Dealing with many customers on the phone and trying to schedule employees is difficult without a good scheduling software solution. Maidplan is customized for residential cleaning businesses, which makes it easy to keep track of where everyone is going and where they've been. This lets you focus on other managerial tasks which make money. Maidplan is a huge time saver.”

Tallahassee, Florida

“Using older PC-based software forces you to come in to work to check the schedule. Everything had to be done on-site at the work location, or you would have to remote into a computer. Now all of this information is available securely from anywhere on the web.”

Tampa, Florida

“Maidplan gives you a snapshot of where every customer is for the day and which employees are servicing each customer. In the past you would have to write this stuff down on paper to keep track, but Maidplan does this inside the software. It cuts down on the paperwork you need to generate each day, which means there is less paper to store and track at the end of the day.”