• Pricing depends upon the number of employees
  • No need to pay now - try Maidplan free for 30 days!
Number of Employees Price per month
Up to 5 employees $14.95
6-10 employees $29.95
11-20 employees $59.95
More than 20 employees $59.95 plus $2 for each additional employee above 20 employees

  • Can I do a 30 day trial without entering my credit card number?
    Answer: Yes. There is no need to set up payment during the trial period.
  • Can I quit using Maidplan and stop payment at any time?
    Answer: Yes. There is no obligation to continue. You can stop at any time.
  • If some of my employees quit or have employment terminated, do I have to pay for them in Maidplan?
    Answer: You only pay for active employees. If your total number of employees decreases, you can always reduce your Maidplan service to reflect the lower number of active employees.