• Keep all your customer info in one location
  • Stop writing out schedules by hand
  • Save money on gas using the Map Planner
  • Chart your company's revenue visually
  • Manage customer information such as house method of entry, cleaning preferences, driving directions, payment method, fee amount, phone numbers, email addresses, names of people living in the house, and more.
  • Schedule jobs by clicking and dragging names to jobs. You only type the information once - cut down on duplicated effort. Schedule recurring appointments every week or every 3rd week, every 3rd Thursday, or once per month - these are just some of the options available.
  • Build the schedule the night prior, tweak the schedule in the morning, then print a dispatch sheet and send them out the door. Dispatch your teams each day based on the existing schedule and other customer/staff data which already exists in the system.
  • Manage staff information such as birthdays, phone numbers, email addresses, hire and termination dates, who has an office key, emergency contact info, and more.
Real-life scenarios
  • Saving Gas You send your employees all over town, and there are way too many customer addresses to keep track of in your head. Even if you wanted to keep track of every customer location in your head, it would still be nice to see each day's appointments plotted on a map. Solution: Maidplan's Map Planner plots every day's customer locations on an interactive map for the day. The interactive map color coordinates each location to match the color of the team servicing that location. Need to move the teams around, maybe you need to assign a team to a different customer? No problem! Just click and drag the team to the new customer, and watch the colors stay coordinated on the map for easy planning.
  • Storing customer info on the web You check email on the web, and you know webmail works great. Why not store your customer data there too? After you get home from the office, you realize you need to check something on the schedule and give one of the customers a call. You may need to make a change to the schedule for tomorrow morning. But you don't want to drive back to work, and you don't want to pay for expensive remoting software to remote into your office computer. Solution: Maidplan is on the web - just like gmail. You can access Maidplan from anywhere, securely and conveniently. Want to use your your tablet or smartphone? They work too! Now you can get the customer's number from home, make a quick change to the schedule, and forget about it until you drive to work the next day. The schedule is already set and ready to print dispatch sheets with the change you made from home!
  • Printing dispatch sheets Currently your business uses a calendar or some mediocre scheduling program to schedule customers appointments. But when the time comes to dispatch the employees each morning, you must write out the customer information for each team, each day. This is tedious, and there must be a better way! Solution: Maidplan integrates all of your customer data, your schedule, and your employee data into one unified system. Maidplan automatically creates a dispatch sheet for each team, each day. This dispatch sheet is a printable sheet of paper which includes each customer address, start time, pay method, customer phone, your office phone, fee amount, job notes, work order notes, driving directions, and feedback from the past 3 appointments. You don't need to write anything out - just click and drag, then print the dispatch sheet. It's so easy!